Meet the team, Owner Leondra (centre), Assistant Manager Natalie (right) and Marketing Manager/Part-time Stylist Rachel (left).

Leondra has over 10 years experience in the bridal business giving her the superpower of knowing how to dress a bride’s body as soon as they walk in the door.

Natalie is our very own resident bride-to-be, living through planning a wedding herself our fashionista can relate to you all and has an amazing talent for bringing a bride’s vision to life.

Rachel is our social media manager, the girl behind all your DM voice notes, she just loves it! Needing more of a bridal fix though you will be seeing alot more of Rachel in the boutique

"keep an open mind, often brides come in set on a particuar style and infact leave with something completly different"
"Don't get caught up in what a bride has to be, it's about being you but just that little more fabulous"
"Be true to yourself, sometimes it can tricky trying to find the one without trying to keep the entire wedding party happy"